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What is The Todd Benefits Group?
The Todd Benefits Group, an independent company, designs and manages long-term care insurance plans for individuals, employee groups, and retiree groups nationwide.
What does the program cover?
The plan provides protection from the high cost of long-term care. The plan covers costs for home care, adult day care, assisted living, Alzheimer's centers, and care in nursing homes. Coverage is restricted to persons aged 18-84.
Doesn't my health insurance or a government program cover long-term care?
Many people believe that health insurance or a government program will pay for long term care. Health insurance won't cover these costs, and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid fall short as well. Without insurance protection, your assets could disappear quickly, along with your ability to make choices and maintain control over your life.
Is coverage affordable?
The plan offers individual policies with group discounts for all participants. Coverage is flexible and can be designed to fit a wide range of budgets and financial situations. You can design your own coverage online and determine the cost using the Premium Calculator. Your personal Todd Benefit Specialist is available to work with you to help tailor coverage to your individual needs.
Will I qualify for coverage?
Many people with health conditions, such as a history of cancer or heart bypass surgery, are able to qualify for coverage. However, some conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, are uninsurable if you already have them. Coverage is available to applicants between 18 and 84 years old. Contact us for more information.
I don't plan on going into a Nursing Home. Why should I buy long-term care insurance?
Long-term care insurance will help keep you out of a nursing home! The plan has comprehensive coverage that includes benefits covering care in your own home, an assisted living facility, adult day care centers, Alzheimer's centers and Nursing Homes. You'll be able to remain independent and receive care in a setting you feel comfortable with.
Can my family members buy long-term care insurance through this program?
Yes! Your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, in-laws, and adult children are eligible to apply for the same discounted rates1. Family members can pay their premiums directly to the insurance company.
If I buy a basic policy now, can I increase my benefits later?
Yes, you can. If you decide to increase your coverage later on, you can apply for a supplemental policy where, the cost of the additional benefit will be based on your new, attained age and health status.
Can my policy be canceled once I have coverage?
Your coverage is Guaranteed Renewable and can be canceled only if you stop paying premiums. You may also choose an optional benefit called Non-Forfeiture. With this option, if you stop paying for your insurance, you will retain your policy with a reduced benefit. There is an additional cost for this benefit 2.
Can the insurance company increase my rates?
The insurance has limited rights to change premiums on your policy. To do so, they must change the premiums for all similar policies issued in your state.
What happens to my coverage when I retire or change jobs?
Nothing. Because your coverage is provided under an individual long-term care policy, nothing changes if you retire or change jobs. Benefits and discounts are permanent. Furthermore, you can use your benefits in any state regardless of where you obtained the coverage.
What discounts are available through this program?
As a employee, retiree or eligible family member you are entitled to the group sponsored discount3 of 5% offered by your company. There are also spousal and partner discounts available. (Partner discounts are not available in ID and LA.) In addition, there is a discount for applicants who meet excellent health guidelines.
2Reference the Glossary section of this website to maintain a complete definition of the optional non-forfeiture benefit option.
3In NY and TX, Sponsored Group Program is known as "Marketing Group Discount Program".