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Long-Term Care Insurance is not just for the elderly or nursing homes - it provides "freedom of choice" to maintain your independence at home or in other care locations whenever you need it.

The Todd Benefits Group offers you, your partner, and other family members affordable coverage that will protect your assets from the high cost of long-term care. Key features of your coverage include:

  • Protection covering home care, adult day care, assisted living facilities1, Alzheimer's facilities, and nursing homes.
  • Flexibility to choose levels of coverage and benefit features that meet your personal needs.
  • For an additional initial premium, you may elect an inflation protection that automatically increases your benefits by 5% each year without raising your annual premium.
  • Portability, so you can take your policy with you if you move-with no change in your premiums.
  • Guaranteed renewability, meaning your policy cannot be canceled as long as you pay your premiums on time. You won't lose your coverage due to an illness or disability2
  • Personalized service from your personal Todd Benefit Specialist.

Eligible family members can apply for the same coverage and reduced rates. Contact
 for more information or proceed to the Premium Calculator to review rates for family members.

1In California, assisted living facilities are referred to as "Residential Care Facilities".

2The insurer reserves a limited right to increase premiums by class.