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The Todd Benefits Group specializes solely in long-term care insurance. We offer financial education, plan and product advice, plan communications, a toll-free help line, assistance with claims, complete plan management-in short, everything your long-term care insurance program demands. Consider the benefits:

For employers:

  • Seamless program administration by The Todd Benefits Group
  • Employee-owned policies; no filing requirements
  • A value-added benefit to help you attract, reward, and retain employees, with little or no increase in company costs
  • The unique perspective of a specialist firm independent of any insurance carrier, giving you the inside track on industry-related developments and making sure your program stays up to date

For employees and retirees:

  • Flexible, comprehensive protection covering care at home, assisted living facilities, adult daycare, and nursing homes
  • Protection of life savings
  • Premium discounts for you, your partner, and your eligible family members
  • For an additional initial premium, you may elect an inflation protection that automatically increases your benefits by 5% each year without increasing your annual premium
  • Coverage you own and can take with you if you change jobs, move, or retire, with no change in your premiums (all discounts are permanent)
  • A Todd Benefit Specialist assigned to work directly with you
  • If you need care, the freedom to choose where and how your care is provided (at home or in a residential facility)