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Congratulations on your decision to learn more about Long-Term Care Insurance! You are joining a growing number of people who recognize and are addressing the financial risk to themselves and their family members of long-term care costs. Here, you'll learn more about long-term care and how to keep skyrocketing costs from depleting your life savings.

Go to About TBG to learn about The Todd Benefits Group (TBG), the company who is presenting the Long-Term Care Insurance Plan to you and your colleagues. You'll discover that TBG has a distinctly different approach to serving the needs of employees, retirees and family members.

Go to What You Need to Know to obtain information about the risks of needing long-term care someday and the high costs involved. You will be provided with solutions to the long-term care dilemma, average long-term care costs for your state and frequently asked questions and answers to help you make an informed decision about your need for financial protection.

Go to Calculate Your Premium to customize your own individual coverage online! You'll have the ability to model different coverage scenarios, and receive immediate premium quotes. Once you're satisfied with a plan, you can apply by completing the medical questionnaire. You will then receive completed long-term care insurance application(s) for review and signature!

Go to Contact Us and find all the information you'll need to contact TBG at any time.

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